Application for financial assistance in the project implementation under the 2007-2013 Regional Operational Programme of Podlaskie Region.

The proposed development project covers the procurement of medical equipment and the introduction of two new medical services, i.e. digital diagnostics of full dentition, digital diagnostics in obstetrics and BCI.

The following is planned to be purchased:

1. Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric System (1 piece).

2. Radiovisiography X-ray equipment (1 piece).

3. Adjustable medical stools (15 pieces).

4. 3D/4D USG unit with accessories and an extra head (1 piece).

5. Piezoelectric surgical unit for bone tissue harvesting (1 piece)

6. Dental units (5 pieces).

7. Hilotherapy unit (1 piece).

The key objective of the investment is to ensure sustainable business development through the procurement of state-of-the-art equipment, to broaden the existing scope of medical services offered, and to employ highly trained medical professionals in order to able to perform a diversity of tests and diagnostic procedures. Not only is this meant to produce an effective competitive edge, but also to attract a steadily growing number of patients.

Once the Project is concluded, the following advantages are anticipated:

1. Number of new products or services introduced into the market offer - 0

2. Number of new products/services – 2

3. Number of enhanced products/services – 0

4. Overall value of the development project (EU contribution + own resources) - EUR 0.25 million

5. Value of exports by the companies based in the Podlaskie Region, supported under the Programme - EUR

6. Total number of new jobs created (gross, full-time employment) - , including 4 women and 0 men

7. Number of innovative solutions introduced - 1

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