“You are what you eat” - so make sure your diet is healthy. Our dieticians offer guidance to people having problems with weight control, to patients suffering from diabetes or heart diseases, but also to those who just want to take care for their health before it is too late. The concept of wellness - healthy lifestyle - for some time has been one of the key attitudes observed in contemporary society, taking care not only for the inside, but also for the appearance and physical condition.


Dietary consultations

The consultation has a form of a spontaneous conversation with a patient, which develops freely, depending on the patient’s individual needs and objectives: whether a patient wants some advice on a diet adequate for their organism or has a specific problem - wants to lose weight, improve the appearance of their skin and nails, or simply change their eating habits to feel better.

Adipose tissue measurement

A dietician will take precise measurements of: adipose tissue volume, weight and body circumferences. This will help to determine whether the parameters are correct for a given patient and whether the objective set is adequate and realistic. The measurements also allow for close monitoring of results achieved.

Devising an individual diet

Dietary survey is conducted with a view to evaluating the current eating habits and determining the best diet suitable for the individual needs of a patient. Quite often one meeting with our dietician is enough to realise the facts crucial for our diet and dispel any doubts. The number of appointments depends on individual needs and varies from one patient to another.

Losing weight

We devise the optimum action plan tailored to the patient’s needs and capabilities and set the time frame for the achievement of the set objectives so that the results are beneficial to the health, sustainable, and satisfying. We always look for a solution that is best for the patient.



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