Mechanical injuries, caries and paradontium diseases are among the causes of tooth loss. Contemporary medicine offers much more durable solutions than popular bridges or dentures. A key to a beautiful smile is an implant that does not conceal a missing tooth but reconstructs a perfectly functioning natural-looking tooth.

 Stages of a dental implant procedure:
Consequences of not replacing a missing tooth
A candidate for implant embedding
How do we know how much bone is enough?

How many teeth can be reconstructed using a single implant?
Reconstruction methods based on implants
Safety of dental implant treatment
Pain during the procedure
How long does the dental implant treatment take?
Durability of implants
Caring after your implants
Implant vs natural teethb
Benefits of implants
No unnecessary interference with nature
When there isn’t enough bone...
Type of loss and adequate type of treatment
Implant systems used in MEDICO

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